WELCOME to ⚡️inchargebox

 ⚡️LOCKABLE TECH storage unit CHARGES up to 10 of your TECH DEVICES at once! Designed & created in Melbourne, Australia. A wonderful tool to help with kids and technology. 

⚡️TIME OFF SOCIAL MEDIA inchargebox is here to help people enjoy more of their lives off their tech.  Increase opportunities for PLAY, BOREDOM, SLEEP, CREATIVITY, EXERCISE, HELPING AROUND THE HOUSE, FAMILY TIME, CONNECTION & COMMUNICATION.

⚡️LOCK up & CHARGE your devices and get on with real living! Fab help for parents with technology. 

⚡️No more hiding the kids iPADS & iPHONES around the house only to find them just when you need them with flat batteries. A great tool to help with kids on technology. 

⚡️ TAKE CONTROL of your tech and time, get ORGANISED, remove the CLUTTER & know that the tech is safely locked away and charging exactly where & when it suits you! So many fun things to do without a device in hand.

 ⚡️10% of sales to 2 fabulous charities - One in Five - oneinfive.com.au  & Forget Me Not  - forgetmenot.org.au

​⚡️33cm x 27cm x 17cm. Unicorn White $149 and Black Beauty on sale $129. $10 shipping  AUSTRALIA WIDE

​​​​​​​​take control of the tech clutter & manage the kids and technology