lockable 10 port usb tech storage charging unit 



⚡️Slick black powder coated steel 

⚡️CHARGE all of YOUR TECH devices in one convenient lockable box! 

⚡️Charges up to 10 devices at once

⚡️Perfect for iPads, iPhones, iPods, smartphones, ds, nintendos, 
kindles, nanos

⚡️ Compatible with Apple, Hisense, Samsung, HTC, Nokia, LG & Kindle

⚡️Delivered with black cotton drawstring BAG and LANYARD.

⚡️33cm length  x 27cm width x 17cm height 

⚡️10% of sales to 2 fabulous charities - One in Five - oneinfive.com.au  & Forget Me Not  - forgetmenot.org.au

⚡️TAKE CONTROL of  your Tech & Time with ⚡️inchargebox

⚡️DECLUTTER - out of sight out of mind

⚡️TIME OFF SOCIAL MEDIA set your children free to play 

⚡️Keep the tech out of the bedroom and SLEEP soundly

⚡️Pop the tech away and LIVE

⚡️Designed & created in Melbourne 

⚡️CHANGE your world for the better!! 

⚡️It's time to get ⚡️incharge! 

⚡️Black Beauty  on sale $129. Unicorn White $149.  

$10 shipping, AUSTRALIA WIDE