​​inchargebox is a stylish lockable 
tech charging station here to help you:
Manage the tech clutter.
Lock & charge up to 12 devices at once.
Set healthy boundaries with screen time.

Enjoy more of the fun, screen free things  in life!



With inchargebox you can:

⚡Create healthy screen time boundaries and balance. Keep devices out of the bedrooms at night. 

⚡Deal with all of the tech clutter, charging and storing it away in one neat lockable box.

⚡Charge all of your tech in one location with 6 or 12 USB charging ports. Perfect for Smartphones, Tablets, PS4 gaming remotes.

⚡Give everyone a break from the tech and enjoy some family time without a screen in hand. 

10% of all sales are donated to 2 brilliant Australian charities: 
oneinfive.com.au and forgetmenot.org.au

What our customers are saying about inchargebox. More on testimonials page.


So many positives about the inchargebox, the kids are even happy with it, I think they now understand how many hours they wasted watching total rubbish and that they were addicted to their devices, they seem to be going to bed earlier and sleeping longer too, not getting up early to get a quick 30 mins in before breakfast. Very happy customer

Sarah C warner, qLD


I heard an ad on the radio for this yesterday afternoon while I was waiting to pick up the boys from school. I'm not an impulsive shopper but this I had to have. Ordered it on line yesterday afternoon, delivered today and I now have 2 x phones, 1 x TV remote , and  PS4 controllers with chargers locked away in  a very stylish box. I reckon it will even fit in the school laptop should the need arise. The box sits tantalisingly on the bench, taunting my boys. Notification alerts are going off willy nilly. The key is secreted away away on my person - all they have to do is finish their bloody homework and pick up their mess and I might unlock it!! Thanks Kate!

​Kim G Glen Iris, VIC

Balance screen time guaranteed.

If you are not entirely happy with inchargebox at the end of 30 days, just send us a message and we'll refund your money, no questions asked.

Create screen time balance today.

We stand behind our product and aim to put your life first. In today's world you can't completely remove technology and we acknowledge its many benefits. However, with inchargebox you can find a healthy screen time balance. 

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