What people are saying about inchargebox?


This stylish black box has transformed our family life! I love that we can set “tech free” rules and there is no temptation to break them because the devices are safely locked away and are charging as well. Since having our incharge box, the children get more sleep, read more books and engage more in family life. Even the dog is over the moon – he gets extra walks due to there being no option/temptation to sit and stare at screens. What a simply brilliant innovation – thank you!

Cindy H – Surrey Hills


​I have only had the inchargebox for a short while but I am LOVING it. The fact that I can lock everything away takes so much stress off of the family. I don’t have to hear all of the time, “Can I just look something up?”. The children innately seem to know already that when its locked don’t bother asking! I don’t need to worry that they are off on devices without me knowing and I have taken back CONTROL. Thank you all at inchargebox. x

Michelle W – Surrey Hills


ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS! Love it as it is so easy! Can fit all our electronic gadgets including phones, iPads, tv and gaming remotes and even managed to squeeze in my daughter’s small school laptop. Love that gadgets can also charge while being locked away. Keeps everything tidy as well. GENIUS.

Jeanette D – Fitzroy


Love the inchargebox as the kids know that once their devices are locked up, they are locked up! No more nagging.

Kath w – QLD


Inchargebox is the best concept for families in our tech driven world – my husband, myself & my 4 children all charge our devices by putting them safely away – we have a storage place now which has been the catalyst for me being able to regain my commitment to limiting the hours tech is allowed in our home – thanks inchargebox, you have salvaged our sanity. x

Nicole T  – Balwyn


I love our Incharge box. It has changed the life of our family. No more fights about technology. The kids know the limits and there is no more temptation with devices lying around. Thanks!!

Sara B – Ocean Grove

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