​​​​Unicorn White 

Welcome to ⚡️inchargebox

A Melbourne Mum invention, here to help you take control of the tech.

Lock it, Charge it & Put it away!


 ⚡️ a stylish lockable tech storage unit that charges up to 10 of your tech devices at once! A simple & effective  tool to help manage tech clutter and time spent on technology. Perfect for iPads. iPods. smartphones, PS4 remotes, TV remotes and any other devices you want to lock away and charge.


⚡️perfect if you're wanting to do a digital detox or take a break from social media, increasing opportunities for play, boredom, sleep, creativity, exercise,  family time, connection & communication.​ Lock it, charge it, put it away!


⚡️saves you hiding the kids Tablets/ iPads, phones & remotes around the house only to find them just when you need them with flat batteries. 


⚡️ helps take control of your tech and time, get organised & have the tech safely locked away and charging exactly where & when it suits you! 


 ⚡️10% of sales goes to 2 fabulous Australian charities - One in Five - oneinfive.com.au  & Forget Me Not  - forgetmenot.org.au 


​​⚡️ New model 37cm x 27cm x 17cm (fits laptops) available to pre order now in Unicorn White & Black Beauty $149

Australia wide Postage & handling $15 

Thank you to all of our lovely customers, we have sold out of our iPad size model of inchargeboxes. A new model which fits lap tops is on the way. We are so happy to be able to offer this size to you! Pre sales are available now with safe delivery to you in May.



lockable tech charging station

 ​​​​​Black Beauty

Take control of time spent on technology

10 port USB charging station
Black Beauty inchargebox

 Stylish lockable tech charging station

kids on tech

Charge up to 10 devices at once & deal with the clutter

Perfect for iPads, iPhones, PS4, gaming & TV remotes