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​I have only had the inchargebox for a short while but I am LOVING it. The fact that I can lock everything away takes so much stress off of the family. I don’t have to hear all of the time, “Can I just look something up?”. The children innately seem to know already that when its locked don’t bother asking! I don’t need to worry that they are off on devices without me knowing and I have taken back CONTROL. Thank you all at inchargebox. x

Michelle W – Surrey Hills


Inchargebox is the best concept for families in our tech driven world – my husband, myself & my 4 children all charge our devices by putting them safely away – we have a storage place now which has been the catalyst for me being able to regain my commitment to limiting the hours tech is allowed in our home – thanks inchargebox, you have salvaged our sanity. x

Nicole T – Balwyn


Our whole family adores the incharge box! It’s truly changed the way we feel about family time versus devices. We are all more willing to lock phones & iPads away to safely (and neatly) charge whilst we get back to doing things collectively or apart, sans mobiles. There’s been more music, more board games, more laughter and more relaxation. I especially like watching a good old movie together. We’d kind of lost touch with such simple pleasures as we could all choose a different show and watch separately. And whilst there is still much of that going on, our togetherness is so much more valued. In fact, I’ve learned so much about gaming by actually talking about it!  I’ve also cut down the amount of scrolling and socials as it has become such a habit!

Michele C – Melbourne

lockable tech charging unit

I have had my incharge box for over three years, my eldest of four was 13… we sat down and set times and although the kids thought it was the worst thing ever, we made it measurable so they were really compliant. Listening to it buzz all night makes me realise how many kids are on their phones 24/7. I know my kids are sound asleep without that temptation. Three years down the track, now 16,15,13 and 10. Phones still go in the box at the required times. I don’t even have to lock it anymore! Kids need structure, routine and they also need a break… this box takes away the fight each day/night. My kids are SO far from perfect, but this has really helped the battle. Great for iPads too!

Emma – Brisbane


Your box saved my sanity and wellbeing. If it was up to me I’d be putting you up for the Order of Australia. 

James H – Sydney


Love the inchargebox as the kids know that once their devices are locked up, they are locked up! No more nagging.

Kath w – QLD

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