What people are saying about inchargebox?


This stylish black box has transformed our family life! I love that we can set “tech free” rules and there is no temptation to break them because the devices are safely locked away and are charging as well. Since having our incharge box, the children get more sleep, read more books and engage more in family life. Even the dog is over the moon – he gets extra walks due to there being no option/temptation to sit and stare at screens. What a simply brilliant innovation – thank you!

Cindy H – Surrey Hills


My boys are massive tech heads. They always find a way around ‘the rules’. Since we started using the incharge box, the yelling and screaming has reduced. Somehow the box makes things more official and the boys sort of just accept it. I love wearing the key around my neck. Makes me laugh, so official. Highly recommend if you are having trouble managing tech use.

Nicole B – Camberwell


Inchargebox has changed our world. I was feeling out of control with kids picking up devices whenever they wanted and having a fight every time I asked them to get off. Now they have to ask for their device and explain why they want to use it. I also know that when I want them to stop, I can put it away and it can’t be used on the sly. Thankyou inchargebox, I am now in charge again!

Kate B – Hawthorn


The inchargebox keeps our devices in one place and keeps them charged, so no cords everywhere. The kids know to ask first if a device is in there, so I barely even need the key now.

Rachel B – QLD


Inchargebox is the best concept for families in our tech driven world – my husband, myself & my 4 children all charge our devices by putting them safely away – we have a storage place now which has been the catalyst for me being able to regain my commitment to limiting the hours tech is allowed in our home – thanks inchargebox, you have salvaged our sanity. x

Nicole T  – Balwyn


We are loving our inchargebox! Looks amazing with less clutter and cords lying around. Love hiding it away for kids and adults to have device free time and to charge up!! Thanks again.

Leah M – Box Hill

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