Meet Kate Curry

The Melbourne Mother of two Entrepreneur behind inchargebox.

As a Melbourne Mum of 2 young screen lovers, I was tired of looking at the kids wasting time hunched over their phones and iPads and staring into screens while playing PS4 games. The effort it took to take the tech away, hide it and then try to find it later uncharged became exhausting (unless the kids had found them first of course!) The clutter of wires and devices all over the benches and house was also something that needed to be dealt with. I really wanted to keep the tech out of the bedrooms at night as well, as some older, wiser Parents I know had experienced massive issues with this!
kate and kids
Inchargebox Circles 2
kate and kids
Inchargebox Floating Headphones
Inchargebox Floating Phone
Inchargebox Floating Game Controller
Inchargebox Open Box Flip

The effort it took to take the tech away, hide it and then try to find it later uncharged became exhausting. As they say, necessity is the Mother of invention!

So with the help of some fabulous, fun, creative, practical and talented people, combined with many months of testing of different materials and feedback from customers, the current sleek model of inchargebox was formed! A stylish lockable steel tech charging station that charges up to 12 of your devices at once. Perfect for iPhones, iPads, iPods, Kindles, smart phones, tablets, TV/PS4 gaming remotes & 13 inch laptops. Great on a kitchen bench, in the office or any where you’d like to lock and charge the tech.
Using inchargebox really helps set boundaries with tech usage, taking control of the tech clutter giving you back time & energy to enjoy all of the fun & productive screen free things in life. Setting up an inchargebox when the kids get their first devices, is a great way to manage it all from the start!

So many worthwhile things to do without a screen in hand!

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